Project: Urban research and Intervention

A city can be read as a city of ‘non recognized’ components and parts. The ‘non recognized’ includes small phenomena, anomalous cases, ignorable parts and weak connections. Although not major and mighty, these factors are the evidence, trace and alibis of our everyday living environment.

 Today we are surrounded by excessive visual stimulus, repetitive erasure and overlay of urban layers. At the same time we have developed ways to consciously and unconsciously ignore the existence of certain information. The desire to create or capture the new has exceeded the desire to recognize and appreciate what is close at hand.

 To provide something new in the city often means to add a whole new layer on top of an existing contour. But to find something new or to see the same thing in a fresh way, which could have the same effect as having something new, does not necessarily require brand new overlays and big moves. It might simply require highlighting, exaggerating, remembering and connecting things at hand, just like sticking a ‘post-it note’ on part of a page. That is, through sleight of hand, creating moments of attention and reexamination.