Venice Beach House

Project: New 800 sf Beach House

Year: 2018

Just off Abbott Kinney in Venice, the Beach House is tucked away off an alley at the rear of the owner's house. Going as tall as possible the bedroom and upper deck has clear views of the beach community. The living room exposes the doug fir structure in a simple and clear expression of simple beach living. Anchoring the massing vertically is a bar of gradient blue and gold, a design nod to the many color gradients of the western sunset which after you live here long enough come to mark the seasons from foggy June, to golden red summer, to seemingly impossible purples, blues, and reds in the windy Santa Ana months. The house is clad in a shaggy cement panel with verticals and subtle hot red highlights (inspired by Paul Smith). Large windows and exposed wooden structure will make the space feel warm and modern.