Bunch Design is a practice that creates high quality modern design. We put a strong emphasis on the inventive use of materials, the qualities of light, use of structure, and the relationship between the space and its users. We consider these issues to be more important than working in a particular style and hope that each project will be an original interpretation of client, site, brief and budget.

Bunch does not specialize in a particular style, but rather considers our specialization as bringing quality ideas and spatial experiences to each project. For us, design is a collaboration between many disciplines, experts, and craftsmen all coming together to make a clear idea and dream a reality. This is the genesis of our company’s name. We hope there is a project that can bring you into our group.



Bo Sundius

Bo grew up on a farm outside Nashville. He likes to credit his early design aspirations to the fact that he could fish from the living room of the family house. After college he was called west to Los Angeles where he met Hisako at SCI-Arc. A literature major before studying architecture, Bo is interested in the narrative power of places. He sees design as a woven relationship between people, space and their actions. When brought together in a thoughtful and beautiful way, the new relationships can be fluid, visceral and electrically charged.


Bo graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Brown University in Rhode Island and in 2001 with a Masters of Architecture from SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) where he won a National AIA Merit Award. He is not licensed in the state of California, but is a licensed Architect in the State of Colorado and has worked for Jerde, Gensler and Roto Architects since graduating.



Hisako Ichiki

Hisako was born in the ancient city of Kamakura and immigrated to Los Angeles in 1998.  Her experiences growing up in Japan relive in her warm and simple design style, a style that is both unique and surprisingly compatible with Los Angeles' lifestyle and design needs. Whether her design is large, medium, or something so small that it can fit inside the palm of your hand, Hisako is committed to making ideas that are simple, effective and unheard of. 

Hisako graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Policy Management from Keio University in Tokyo Japan and in 2001 with Masters of Architecture from SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture). Since giving her thesis “Serendip(city)” at SCI-Arc on public space and art she has been investigating the relationship between creativity and found space.  Her interests in urban research and experiential public art are whimsically portrayed in her book “Extraordinary” published by Rockport. Hisako’s thesis also caught the eye of artist Doug Aitken with whom she has had a long standing professional relationship. For Doug Aitken Workshop  Hisako consults as a project designer/ and manager for selected exhibitions and installations. Museums and galleries include MoMA in New York, INHOTIM in Brazil, and Kunsthaus Bregenz in Zurich. Hisako has taught Architecture Studios at UCLA, SCI-Arc and USC.


2013, Design Studio with Niall McLaughlin, UCLA

2012, Design Studio with Wonne Ickx, UCLA

2011, Design Studio with Akihisa Hirata, UCLA

2010, Design Studio with Sou Fujimoto, UCLA

2009, 1B Design Studio, SCI-Arc

2008, Design Studio with Atelier Bow-wow, UCLA

2007, Design Studio with Mark Lee & Atelier Bow-wow, UCLA


Published ‘extra ordinary’ by Hisako Ichiki and Takao Umehara, Rockport Publishers, 2005
Published ‘Children’s Architecture Workshop’ by Hisako Ichiki, Public Access Press, SCI-Arc, 2002